Thursday, February 27, 2020

Movie theatre Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Movie theatre - Essay Example He is directly behind the couple who are now standing, waving their arms at each other. They turn and look at him, then sit down and quit arguing. A few rows down from them, I see an even younger couple sitting next to eachother amongst a group of teenagers. The boy yawns tentively, and lays his arm across the back of her torn seat. She looks up at him and smiles sweetly. Off to the right of them, in the wheelchair accessible area is an older couple. Their backs are not as straight, she looks tiny and shrunken in her wheelchair. He leans toward her carefully and holds a drink so she can sip through the straw. He then places the drink back in the holder and lays his hand gently on her knee. They are content. The lights go down and the previews begin. I am struck with the idea that I have already seen all of life's drama before me, before the movie began. We watch movies to experience emotions of the characters; when true emotion is all around us. The young couple's first date, the argument of the younger adults, and the quiet contentment of the elderly make for an unmistakably real drama. It is a movie I will replay in my head, reminding myself that life is a stage and we are but actors upon it.

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