Tuesday, February 11, 2020

CHAUTAUQUA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

CHAUTAUQUA - Essay Example This is a goal, which a first year engineering student should develop although long term (DiLaura 07). Consequently, having a family should also be a goal of a student, as every moral life requires a family. A goal map than can be used to accomplish the above goals includes scoring satisfactory grades in the engineering collage from all the exams. This entails developing proficient qualities of listening and understanding, taking notes and being active in class. Good grades guarantee a degree in engineering after which I seek for an outstanding engineering job (DiLaura 05). With full experience after working in another firm, running, my engineering firm is not a difficult task. Over the past two years, there are various goals; I have achieved; first, I succeeded in securing a chance in the engineering collage. This is a marvelous achievement considering my background. Consequently, I have attended varied classes on computer studies to impart skills later applicable in life. Students who dodge their classes opting to other activities have goals but at the same time have detractors. The student, therefore, follows other people’s goals instead of his own goals (DiLaura 12). In conclusion, goal setting is a step in realizing any success. Lack of commitment often forces people to abolish their goals, which is a wrong step in life. It is, therefore, noteworthy that students focus on their goals for success. DiLaura, David. Being smart is not enough, Chautauquas for first year engineering students. New York, NY: Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering Department of The College of Engineering and Applied Science in The University of Colorado at Boulder, 1998.

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