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Verb and Gerund - 10013 Words

Introduction My course paper is called the gerund. I have chosen this subject, because I want to know more about the gerund. There are several reasons for it: 1)1 want know more about the gerund, because it will help me in my future studying, will help me not to produce errors ; 2) Since most languages ( e.g.: Spanish, Russian, French) have infinitives, but no gerunds; 3) This will help me to increase my outlook. I think the use of the gerunds in English is problem, because use infinitive is easier, and How I wrote above the gerund is no in the Russian language. This is one of the reasons why students do mistakes. The gerund is rendered in Russian in different ways: a) The gerund executes the functions of a subject in the sentences,†¦show more content†¦The English verbs include four forms distinctly differing one another within the general verb system: the infinitive, the present participle, the past participle and the gerund. As natural results of its origin and development the gerund has nominal and verbal properties. The nominal characteristic of the gerund are followed: The gerund can be perform the functions of subject, predicative, object, adverbial modifier, and attribute. I will describe all of them. The Gerund is the non-finite form of the verb which combines the properties of the verb with those of the noun. The gerund serves as the verbal name of a process, but its substantive quality is more strongly pronounced than that of the infinitive. Namely, as different from the infinitive, and similar to the noun, the gerund can be modified by a noun in the possessive case or its pronominal equivalents (expressing the subject of the verbal process), and it can be used with prepositions. Since the gerund is an abstract name of the process denoted by the verbal lexeme, a question might arise, why the infinitive, and not the gerund is taken as the head-form of the verbal lexeme as aShow MoreRelatedVerb and Gerund1172 Words   |  5 PagesGERUND Create by: Dian sipayung CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of The Study For every human, language is one important things to communicate to each other. Because language is one media to make one relationship and know the other people by the communication. There are many language in the world. One of that is English as international language. English is the one of international language because of almost the people in the world know English as a second language after their motherRead MoreThe Latin Grammar Guide Essay2802 Words   |  12 Pages The Latin Grammar Guide Liz Bonaccorsi Period 2 Table of Contents Things to Remember Participles Ablatives Absolute Deponent Verbs Gerunds Gerundives of Purpose Main Clause Subjunctives Hortatory Jussive Subordinate Clause Subjunctives Purpose Clauses Indirect Commands Result Clauses Cum Clauses Circumstantial Causal Concessive Infinitives Indirect Statements Comparison of Adjectives Comparison of Adverbs Things to Remember Masculine Feminine Neuter Translation nom. sg. quà ®Read MoreCom/155 Week 2 Assignment Essay644 Words   |  3 Pagesto help you get started. †¢ You will need to identify the components of a basic sentence.†¢ You will need to be able to identify the four most serious writing errors.†¢ Define subject-verb agreement.†¢ Identify common errors in subject-verb agreement.†¢ Recognize regular and irregular verbs†¢ Use regular and irregular verbs correctly in basic sentences. | | | Writing for new students. Course COM/155About UsWelcome students. I am going to give you tips on the writing process to prepare you for this courseRead MoreCelta Language Analysis Assignment1840 Words   |  8 Pagesthe grammar. | | | |Get +used to + gerund/noun | |I need to get used to jogging on Sundays | |I needRead MoreContoh Skripsi Bahasa Inggris2736 Words   |  11 PagesWriting I, II, III and Writing IV. After they pass them all, the students continue with writing research design. Therefore it’s expected that they will able to apply appropriate use of correct sentences or grammar among others the correct used of verbs, article and also preposition. However, a lot of students still make certain grammatical errors in writing specially in writing a research design. The correct use of the preposition is very important in English because ungrammatical words or sentencesRead MoreEssay on Teaching: Grammatical Number and Notes21041 Words   |  85 PagesAssessments | Follow-up | Select the verb that is conjugated into  simple present: Angela ________ carrots for her salad. (cuts) Which sentence is written  in the  imperative? (Listen to your parents.) Select the verb that is conjugated into  present continuous: Rather than shoes, I _________ sandals. (am wearing) Identify the verb tense or mood  of the bolded word(s): Dont stop  believing! (imperative) To discuss activities that are currently in progress, which verb tense would you use? (present continuous) Read MoreThe General Translation Method During The Translation Of Children770 Words   |  4 Pagesmostly used with different verb tenses in general. As Lathey (2012) comments on her article about the translation of children literature, role of tense systems in narrative for children may well reveal cultural differences. In the case of Spanish and English, both use past tense for narration, while German or French have an historic present. In other words, verb tenses have been translated using a literal method, with the closest Spanish verb equivalent. However, some verb tenses are not 100% literalRead MoreAnalysis Of Peter Walshs Mrs. Dalloway1603 Words   |  7 Pagesthe soul must seek connection – the â€Å"positive need to brush, scrape, kindle herself, gossiping.† These verbs share a social, relational quality – which creates a friction only possible b etween objects. The movement of the verbs gains strength and impact – from a â€Å"brush† to the intimate engagement that â€Å"gossiping† connotes. Movement from the three verbs (all what one does to another) to the gerund of â€Å"gossiping† (what one experiences with others) evidences the soul’s insistence on intimacy. WithinRead Morecelta language analysis written assignment Essay1276 Words   |  6 Pageswe don’t wish to do so. ï‚ · CCQs: Is it something we must do? Yes. Can we avoid it? No. Use of examples: We have to use the safety belt. Children have to attend school by law. Form ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · Have to is a non-modal alternative to the modal verb must to talk about obligation. It is interchangeable with have got to, this last form being more common in spoken and informal British English. The structure of the have to form is Subject+ Have+ Infinitive (with to). The negative form expressesRead MoreWhat Is The Rule For Forming Questions Within The Simple Present And Simple Past?1523 Words   |  7 Pagessuch as â€Å"What,† â€Å"When,† and â€Å"Where† (examples: What do you type on your laptop?, When does your brother go to school, and Where do you visit your relatives?). To form a question in the simple past, the auxiliary â€Å"did† and the infinitive form of the verb are needed; some examples would include Did I play baseball?, Did you play baseball?, and Did he play baseball? Question 6 (10 points) Give 3 situations in which it is appropriate to use the present perfect. The present perfect tense pertains to

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